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Peter Lee, of the 本能詠春 Instinct Wing Chun School, here in Guangzhou, asked me to translate and spread a little advertisement for him. Unfortunately, I’m not really into many forms of social media, and was not able to spread this so far – or maybe the U.S. doesn’t use the same kinds as in China.

In China, a mobile device social networking application has exploded in popularity in the past few years. I’m not sure exactly how it compares to the U.S. social networking scene. Basically, you have a kind of profile, which is very limited, and you can chat with people. You can also form group chats and business pages. I’ve heard many companies will require their employees to join the company’s chat room, and use it to report when the employee arrives at and leaves work (meaning all employees are basically required to own a “smart” phone).

So, this advertisement was initially designed for this particular application, 薇信 weixin or WeChat. It’s kind of silly, and entertaining, so I thought I’d pass it on. I have no idea where the images come from, but I’ve left most of them out of my page (see the link if you’re curious). Also, it is originally written in Chinese, so I am providing the English translation here:


Practicing Wing Chun is too easy!

2016-05-06 Brother Hua, Instinct Wing Chun

As the saying goes, so long as the kung fu is profound, then perseverance will prevail. In the world of martial arts, this is usually the rule.

[image: kung fu exercises]

The story of The Magic Sunflower [a popular internet martial arts series] explained it best, causing generations of youngsters to be inextricably bogged down in misery.

To practice this skill, you must first castrate yourself! Ouch!!! To do or not to do?

[image: four-arm guy, “not worth it!”]

In this world, is there no kung fu which is not painstaking work to master?

There is! It is the young master’s art!

[image: man with fan]

Young master?! This image is not remotely like that of a warrior.

Compared to the other kinds of martial arts around the world and the difficult training they require, Wing Chun really is too easy. So, it is called the young master’s art!

Rather than a lot of fancy movements, it is relaxed, and you can develop swift and terrifying skill, taking down your enemy in an instant!

According to legend, in the time of the Qing Dynasty emperor Yong-zheng, The Great Grandmaster Ng Moy was passing by a hill-side when she saw, on the side of the road, a coiled snake, and on the other side of the road, a crane – normally in a graceful posture – tensed from head to toe, having already entered into a critical affair, the clever snake able to shoot out and come back as it pleases.

[image: fox and crane]

Ng Moy was greatly intrigued and inspired, and created a style of her own, a direct and effective martial art for women.

[image: crane and instinct]

The Great Grandmaster Ng Moi passed this martial art set on to Yim Wing Chun, who was a true martial wizard, rocking her foundation in traditional fighting arts. For this reason she spent the day in deep meditation, finally capturing its essence.

[image: ghost fish]

In this modern movie it is said, when a boy eats a fish, the soul of the fish will always stay with him, nagging: oh, you have absorbed my essence!

What is meditation? It is to firmly believe that the only mission is to abandon all useless fancies – pay no attention to the elegance of the technique, but rather its practicality. Later, Yim Wing Chun transmitted these secret sets to her husband, Leung Bok Chow. From this point on, the two left behind their wandering ways, and named the art Wing Chun – the most instinctual and effective martial art.

[image: mook jong]

Instinct is a kind of mysterious power stored in the body, directly manifested through touch. The sense of touch is an important means of self orientation for animals in general – refering to the distribution of skin nerve cells all over the body, which can perceive temperature, humidity, pain, pressure, vibration, etc., coming from outside the body – these nerves are the most sensitive.

[image: flying guy punch]

The secret of Instinct is contained in your hands.

Many new practitioners, upon first contact with Wing Chun, do not know what that simple opening sequence is about.

Come on, I’m wasting my money here!

Wrong. Now look, each technique, each method, is simple, direct and effective!

[images: kung fu school]

Instinct Wing Chun School, and guailou students.

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