The Ming Concept: Part 3

Tuesday, 12 January, 2016



Macau Visitor Pass

We pulled off of the main alley and on to a smaller alley, where Henry parked the motorcycle. Everything in 澳门 Macau is crowded, and finding a place to park can be tough, even with a motorcycle. However, there was a spot waiting for us. We quickly dismounted and headed to the school. A metal door to a small residential looking building – concrete, maybe eight floors – with a metal plaque next to it reading the name of the school: 雷明輝 詠春班 Lui Ming Fai Wing Chun Class. We were buzzed in, and proceeded up the tight concrete switch-back staircase to the sixth floor. Continue reading


Ming Concept: Part 1

Tuesday, 12 January, 2016


Prior to heading to China I sent an e-mail to 方政荣 Augustine Fong, in Arizona. Though I’ve never had the honor of meeting him in person, I’ve always heard great things about his character. I come from a lineage primarily influenced by 何金銘 Ho Kam Ming and his student Augustine Fong, based in Tuscon, Arizona, with a bit of 梁相 Leung Sheung thrown in. This lineage, and even our school in Seattle, has a fairly distinct character, which I think is very much like Fong’s Wing Chun. I had corresponded with Fong once in the past, about some Wing Chun terminology, and he was very forthcoming. This time, I wrote him to ask about Wing Chun schools in or around 广州 Guangzhou (Canton), that he might know of. (If you’re new to the show, I’ve been living in Guangzhou for the past several months.) Continue reading


An interlude of media.

To be perfectly honest, I prefer to write, and I try to convey as much as I can through that medium. However, I’m not always great at writing, though I am practicing in the hopes of being better. Also, this being a blog, and not a book or essay, I try to keep things fairly short. Finally, I know that some people just want media. I’ve tried, in the past few posts, to play with the addition of media. This is not easy, mostly because it’s time consuming, and that’s time I’d rather be writing. Continue reading