Back Alley Wing Chun

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Some say there are three major branches of Wing Chun. The most well known in the West is the Hong Kong branch, the Yip Man branch. Another branch is the Foshan (or Fatsan) branch. The final branch is the Guangzhou (or Canton) branch. I had the honor of learning Wing Chun in Guangzhou, and this is the basis for what I will teach. The Guangzhou branch, in my opinion, has a more primal feel, is a little more dirty and a little more sticky than others. In the end, it is very much the same thing with a different look, and perspective. Perhaps, a different use. When practicing Guangzhou Wing Chun, I feel like I am defending myself, sometimes offensively, and escaping restraints. This may say something towards it’s reputation as being a martial art for rebels.

Guangzhou is famous for its alley ways, and I learned this system in a dark alley. Our training, at least to begin with, will probably be low budget, and maybe in an alleyway. The art is dirty, tight, and fast. So I am calling this the Back Alley Wing Chun school.

I teach the “traditional” elements, such as forms, drills, and chi sau; and I also will incorporate pragmatic elements, such as sparring, escaping, locking, etc. Join us for some fun and learning.

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