I grew up learning Wing Chun Kung Fu from my father in Seattle, WA. I’ve trained for ten serious years and taught for about five.

I taught Wing Chun for a little over a year while living in Chengdu, a city in South-west China. I have taught and facilitated at the North Seattle Wing Chun school for several years. I lived and studied Wing Chun in Guangdong Province, in South-east China, for approximately a year, and continue to seek out, practice and teach martial arts, mostly through private channels.

Besides Wing Chun, I have spent several years practising Tai Chi and push hands. I have also been learning Balintawak Escrima for several years. I have dabbled in other forms of Escrima, traditional Qin’na, and in Jiu Jitsu. When I have the space I practice throwing weapons, usually bo-shuriken and knives. I have also have studied Hatha Yoga and Insight Meditation for some time which I believe to be closely related to the practice of martial arts.

Occupying a great deal of my time, also, is the study of philosophy from every culture I can, but mostly Chinese, Greek and Latin traditions, all of which I believe to be relevant to the martial arts. In addition, I love literature of various languages, be it the philosophical treatise, epic poetry, or the novel. Due to these interests, this blog has, and will continue to drift off into the land of philosophy and parable, at times.

Professionally, I have spent several years working in private security. While the security profession involves a lot of alertness and only short bursts of action, I have learned a lot from studying and speaking with experts in the field. Namely, I have learned how communication is a form of force, and how force is a form of communication.

Due to my interests in these professions, and the way in which I believe they are closely associated with the martial arts, this blog will spend considerable time investigating the professions of, and stories associated with, private security and law enforcement.

I hope you find my blog entertaining, thoughtful, and informational. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or anything else! While I will be doing most of the writing here, I hope for it to be more of a learning experience, both by sharing what I learn, as well as discussing with my readers. So please, send me a letter, or even a few words, if you can.

Following is a diagram of my primary Wing Chun lineage:



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