I grew up learning Wing Chun Kung Fu from my father in Seattle, WA. I’ve trained for ten serious years and taught for about five.

I taught Wing Chun for a little over a year while living in Chengdu, a city in South-west China. I have taught and facilitated at the North Seattle Wing Chun school for several years. I lived and studied Wing Chun in Guangdong Province, in South-east China, for approximately a year, and continue to seek out and practice martial arts.

Besides Wing Chun, I have spent several years practising Tai Chi and push hands. I have also been learning Balintawak Escrima for several years. Besides that, I have dabbled in other forms of Escrima and in Jiu Jitsu. When I have the space I practice throwing weapons, usually bo-shuriken and knives. I’ve also have studied Hatha Yoga and Insight Meditation for some time, and I study philosophy from every culture I can, but mostly in the Chinese, Greek and Latin traditions, all of which I believe to be relevant to the martial arts.

Professionally, I have spent several years working in private security. While the security profession involves a lot of alertness and only short bursts of action, I have learned a lot from studying and speaking with experts in the field. Namely, I have learned how communication is a form of force, and how force is a form of communication.

I hope you find my blog entertaining, thoughtful, and informational. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions, comments or anything else! While I will be doing most of the writing here, I hope for it to be more of a learning experience, both by sharing what I learn, as well as discussing with my readers. So please, send me a letter, or even a few words, if you can.

Following is a diagram of my primary Wing Chun lineage:




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