A Little Hole in the Middle

At some point, in an interview, a polygraph, a discussion, someone is going to ask me, why law enforcement? Doesn’t seem like you. You were always against the system. So why? And I never know how to answer. Continue reading


Private Sector: The Intent

Hey there, rent-a-cop! How you liking minimum wage! Couldn’t even be a cop, eh? Cop wannabe. You’re just a mall cop. I could kick your a$$. I’ll sue you. I’m gonna go get my gun. I’ll kill you. You wanna die? Think your tough? You’re the problem with the world! What are you gonna do ‘bout it? What! What!

And the day goes on… Continue reading

Criminal Justice

What do I do?

From Larry F. Jetmore’s “Police Officer Entrance Examination:”

My fundamental duty is to serve people: to safeguard lives and property; to protect the innocent against deception, the weak against oppression and intimidation, and the peaceful against violence and disorder; and to respect the constitutional rights of all people to liberty, equality and justice.

In addition to knowing what I do, I must know, one: how to handle Continue reading

A Chinese Idiom

My writing has been a bit dull lately, and so none of it has made it up just yet. As an interlude, I thought this Chinese idiom might be interesting. In Chinese there are several of these, usually four syllable, idioms. They are called 成语 chengyu, which means “(something which has) become (common) language” – hinting that these idioms usually come from lines of stories or poems, sometimes directly, and sometimes condensed. Continue reading

Life and Review

Many of my letters are back-dated, due to the adventures described in them happening some time ago, and because I had written, or at least begun writing them at that time. Most of those initial adventures, in Zhuhai 珠海, Hong Kong 香港, and Foshan (Fatsaan) 佛山, took place during January. During the beginning of January I was afforded some spare time, due to my services at work being not needed; and then the end of January begins the approximately four week long Lunar New Year celebrations. At the time my situation in China was looking precarious, so I did my best to explore as widely as I could in a short time. Continue reading