An interlude of media.

To be perfectly honest, I prefer to write, and I try to convey as much as I can through that medium. However, I’m not always great at writing, though I am practicing in the hopes of being better. Also, this being a blog, and not a book or essay, I try to keep things fairly short. Finally, I know that some people just want media. I’ve tried, in the past few posts, to play with the addition of media. This is not easy, mostly because it’s time consuming, and that’s time I’d rather be writing.

As an interlude to writing, and my story will take a turn soon, here is a little collection of links and media. I also invite you to take a look at the new media tab above, which contains class photos I have begun collecting.

Many of the following links will redirect you to Chinese web-pages, which to the American eye will seem obnoxiously cluttered with advertisements and pop-ups. I hope they work for you.

Peter Lee, a.k.a. Lee Sifu, at Instinct Wing Chun has just recently made a promotional video: 本能詠春 Intinct Wing Chun Promotional Video

The next link is a video that was shot of myself demonstrating chi-sau with my friend Christian at the Instinct Wing Chun school. I did not take the video, nor did I upload it to the internet, but found it later: Chi-sau with John, Christian, and Sifu Peter Lee

These next links are uploaded by an American who visited Guangzhou a few years ago, and took video footage of several Wing Chun schools in and around Guangzhou. I’m not sure yet if he’s serious or sarcastic, or some confusing mix of both, but it’s entertaining either way, I guess.

If you read my “Instinct: Part 3” post, you can try to catch some of the things I discussed in these videos.

Peter Lee and his students demonstrating Guangzhou Wing Chun training

Peter Lee (the shirtless one) and students training in the park. The tall man giving instruction is a traffic cop in Guangzhou.

A very interesting Guangzhou Wing Chun demonstration by Mai Gei Wong, a.k.a Rice Machine King, and his student.

This next links are previews for what is to come.

Ho Kam Ming chi-sau with a student (Ho Kam Ming’s son is to the right, in a green shirt)

Ho Kam Ming student, and Augustine Fong contemporary, Lui Ming Fai (you can turn on the English subtitles)


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