Private Sector: The Intent

Hey there, rent-a-cop! How you liking minimum wage! Couldn’t even be a cop, eh? Cop wannabe. You’re just a mall cop. I could kick your a$$. I’ll sue you. I’m gonna go get my gun. I’ll kill you. You wanna die? Think your tough? You’re the problem with the world! What are you gonna do ‘bout it? What! What!

And the day goes on…

Statement of Intent:

This blog has been, thus far, primarily focused on martial arts, and specifically my travels and experiences in learning Wing Chun Kung Fu, with some odd linguistic and story telling detours. There has been another aspect of my life, for some time now, which has served to deepen my understanding of the martial arts, and has taught me numerous lessons in life. That is, working in private security.

This series of letters will attempt to give some account of my adventures in this field of work, and to draw some lessons. In fact, I hope that when I arrive at a conclusion to this series, if that should happen, I might be able to make some summary arguments and essays bringing it all together, both for the security professional (new or old) and for the martial artist. It has been my experience that it is difficult to find quality text on either subject, and that books on both seem to be full of poor writing (even deteriorating into mere bullet-point lists), excess of fluff and excess of ego, often making them a slog to get through (at least for my taste).

First, I want to give a brief account as to how I got into this field in the first place. In the year twenty-thirteen I, somewhat reluctantly, completed a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Chinese Language and Literature in the Winter quarter. What followed, was confusion. Not being a paying student left me somewhat estranged from the university locale which was once a kind of home, or at least a supportive community. I continued to work in the retail industry with tea and spice through the Summer, but change was coming. While I had amassed some sizable debt as a student, I had also managed to put a fair amount into savings. I quit my job and spent several months in hibernation and study. My topics were twofold. One, to learn about and prepare for gaining employment in either translation or interpreting. Two, a return to an old and undying interest I have always had, law enforcement. After some months my funds were running low, I had unsuccessfully tested for medical and social work interpreting multiple times and tested, also unsuccessfully, for two law enforcement agencies.

I needed a job. Security, being similar to law enforcement – or so it seemed to me – was my next best bet. I hit-up every company in the area and was hired to work front-line security at a variety of technology conferences, including ones hosted by Samsung and Microsoft. Over the next several years I would find myself doing movie screening details, fire watches, overnight office-building details, outdoor details, night-clubs, private parties and, finally, transit security.

Let’s back up a little. How did I know this field would suite me? Well, it all started when…


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